WILMAR Wind Power Integration in Liberalised Electricity Markets










Public available WILMAR Reports


1. WILMAR Deliverables

No. Title Authors Date


Fluctuations and Predictability of Wind and Hydropower

Nørgård, P., Giebel, G., Holttinen, H., Söder, L., Petterteig, A.

Jun 2004


Power System Models - A Description of Power Markets and Outline of Market Modelling in Wilmar

Meibom, P, Morthorst, P.E., Nielsen, L.H., Weber, C., Sander, K., Swider, D., Ravn, H.

Feb 2004


CO2-Emission Trading and Green Markets for Renewable Electricity

Azuma-Dicke, N., Morthorst, P.E., Ravn, H.F., Schmidt, R., Weber, C.

Jun 2004


System Stability Analysis

Norheim, I., Lindgren, E., Uski, S., Sørensen, P., Jauch, C.

Nov 2005

D6.2 (a)

Wilmar Planning Tool, User guide

Larsen, H.V.

Jan 2006

D6.2 (b)

Wilmar Joint Market Model, Documentation

Meibom, P., Larsen, H.V., Barth, R., Brand, H., Weber, C., Voll. O.

Jan 2006

D6.2 (c)

The Wilmar Long Term Model

Ravn, H.

Jan 2006

D6.2 (d)

Methodology of the Scenario Tree Tool

Barth, R., Söder, L., Weber, C., Brand, H., Swider, D.J.

Jan 2006

D6.2 (e)

Wilmar Planning Tool,
VBA documentation

Larsen, H.V.

Jan 2006

D6.2 (f)

Documentation of databases in the  Wilmar Planning tool

Kiviluoma, J., Meibom, P.

Jan 2006


Distribution of the integration costs of wind power

Barth, R., Weber, C.

Noc 2005



Holttinen., H., Uhlen, K., Meibom, P., Söder, L., Andersen, J.H., Weber, C., Barth, R., Nielsen, C.S.

Dec 2005


Base Configuration and Case Studies

Meibom, P., Barth, R., Kiviluoma, J., Holttinen, H., Uhlen, K., Söder, L.

Jan 2006


Final technical report

Meibom, P., Barth, R., Norheim, I., Ravn, H., Sørensen, P.

Jan 2006


2. Wilmar Conference Presentations

Conference Title Authors Date

IEWT 2005

Extension of Wind Power –
Effects on Markets and Costs of Integration

Brand, H., Barth, R., Weber, C., Meibom, P., Swider, D.J.

Feb 2005

EWEA 2004

Impact of hourly wind power variations on the system operation in the Nordic countries

Holttinen, H.

Dec 2004

EWEA 2004

Market Integration of Wind Power

Meibom, P., Ravn, H., Söder, L., Weber, C.

Dec 2004

EWEA 2004

Transmission restrictions and wind power extension
– Case studies for Germany using stochastic modelling

Barth, R., Brand, H., Weber, C.

Dec 2004

IAEE 2004

A stochastic energy market model for evaluating the integration of wind energy

Brand, H., Weber, C., Meibom, P., Barth, R., Swider, D.J.

Sep 2004

NWPC 2004

A Multi-Turbine Power Curve Approach

Nørgård, P., Holttinen, H.

Mar 2004


3. Slides from Wilmar seminar

Title Authors Date
General overview of the Wilmar project Meibom, P.

Oct 2005

Design of the Wilmar Planning Tool Meibom, P.

Oct 2005

Results from using the Planning Tool Barth, R., Meibom, P.

Oct 2005

Results concerning system stability, secondary control and activation of balancing power Norheim, I., Uhlen, K

Oct 2005

Recommendations Holttinen, H., Uhlen, K., Meibom, P., Söder, L., Andersen, J.H., Weber, C., Barth, R., Nielsen, C.S.

Dec 2005


4. Wilmar Master Thesis

Title Authors Date

Simulation of Short-term Wind Speed Forecast Errors using a Multi-variate ARMA(1,1) Time-series Model

Boone, A.

Apr 2005

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Download the Wilmar Planning Tool (public version)

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Jun 2006